The Flock

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Winston Secrest

Co-Founder, Operator, Barista, Designer. 

Winston has been a barista in San Fran, Los Angeles, DC, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, for the last couples years. Ask him about it; its a funny story. He's also owned and operated an espresso cart in Los Angeles for the last couple of years called Steamboat Coffee LA. When he's not at the cafe he's woodworking and/or creating art( His love for craft carries across all disciplines and can be seen in his creativity in drink development. 


Justin Prietto

Co-Founder, Chief Executive, Designer

Justin has been in the catering world for "many moons." Part of his story in-tales 10 years ago working at the same address the LP is now (managing a catering kitchen and Sunday brunch spot) which was the launching-pad for what he is up to today(Huntington Catering) Also a good story. His love for business and the "event world" is one of the main reasons Lost Parrot was able to spread its wings in the first place.